Blue Ohio is dedicated to clarifying the progressive message, strengthening our communities, and helping Democratic candidates win elections. We have three teams:



Our team of diligent researchers investigate everything from what does a school board candidate do to what the bills in the Ohio State House mean to a Dayton resident.


This group of thoughtful and empathetic people understand what it means to be progressive and teach our group how to articulate how our issues connect to our shared values.

Neighborhood Coalition

This coalition of compassionate individuals are a collection of precinct leaders, street leaders, and/or block leaders. These people are those who care about their neighbors and who want to discuss and learn about issues that affect their community. They will also help introduce candidates running for election to their friends and neighbors.

Election Support

Our Research, Messaging, and Neighborhood Coalition teams will work together to help identify qualified and inspiring individuals to run for office, to help those candidates frame a consistent meaningful message that speaks to the hearts of Ohioans, and to help facilitate one-on-one interactions where regular voters can meet candidates to have meaningful discussion on how to improve our communities.