Turning Ohio Blue will take hard work and dedication from every person. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of volunteers and donations. Your donations will be used to:

  • Pay for flyers, canvassing, and phone banks to inform citizens about candidates and issues and to encourage them to vote.
  • Pay for the creation of training materials (pamphlets, videos, etc) for candidates and citizens.
  • Pay for infrastructure that facilitates communication (websites, video conferencing, webinar capabilities, project management tools, etc.).
  • Donate to candidates running for office.

A minimum of $10 will enroll you in our annual membership which gives you voting rights at our general meetings, and helps the group best direct their resources. Additional donations above $10 are greatly appreciated.

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Blue Ohio Dayton is a political action committee formed under IRS Section 527, and registered with the State of Ohio, with the intent to support and promote progressive Democratic candidates and issues. Blue Ohio membership funds will be used to further these goals.
Participate in our democratic political process by volunteering with Blue Ohio!

  1. Door to door canvassingPetition drivesPlanning events and meetingsWriting and designing messagesBlue Ohio governanceCandidate outreachIssue outreachHelping where I'm most needed

Individual membership is active for 1 year with a minimum $10 donation. Clicking the button below will send you to the Paypal website for secure payment.