Here are the types of actions our members organize and promote that help us activate and expand a blue base of voters:

Meet Your Neighbors

We’re looking for local participants to help build a community of engaged citizens – block by block. Neighborhood groups are hosting events, knocking doors and phone banking.

  • Attend a neighborhood event
  • Host a neighborhood event

Support a Candidate

Strengthening candidates for state and municipal offices is vital to sustaining our democracy. You can help support democratic candidates – up and down the ticket –  through your time, talent and contribution.

  • Attend a candidate event
  • Host a candidate meet and greet event

Activate Voters

Voter registration is a critical “all hands on deck” action that needs to start now. Coordinated actions with area coalitions will be shared with our members.

  • Attend a voter drive
  • Host a voter drive

Join Us

Find out more about us by joining our meetings and communications.


While we wish politics were a simple as voting for the most qualified candidate, we all know that this is not how it works. We need donations to help us send out flyers, pay for rooms to host meet and greets, to provide support to candidates, as well as overhead costs for Blue Ohio.

  • Donate here to choose which cause you want to donate to. A minimum of $10 donation gives you a complimentary Blue Ohio membership.