Who We Are

Blue Ohio is a motivated group of passionate individuals who are appalled at the attacks on our American rights and values by the current administration. Our group started meeting the day after the election, and we have met almost every week since then. We are not a resistance-based organization, and instead dedicate ourselves to clarifying the progressive message and strengthening our communities. However, we work closely with resistance groups so that we work as a team across Ohio.

Our Vision

The purpose of “Brainstorming for a Blue Ohio” is to create a sustainable progressive Democratic electoral majority in Ohio.  As we swing Ohio blue, we swing the country blue.

Our Mission

We motivate a strong majority of Ohioans to vote for Democratic candidates in local, state, and national elections.

Our Strategy

We use canvassing, community events, and one-on-one discussions to:

  • Develop strong local candidates.
  • Keep people engaged and informed throughout the year.
  • Help people understand why redistricting is critical to a healthy American democracy.
  • Increase voter turnout due to engagement of Democratic and Independent citizens.

Our Values

Blue Ohio is driven by the belief that America’s strength is dependent on how we help our fellow neighbors in their pursuit for life, liberty, and happiness  We believe that all men and women are created equal and should be treated with equal respect and fairness.

  • LIFE:
    • We believe that all people deserve basic human healthcare. We believe that people should not have to choose between life and financial ruin.
    • We believe that all people deserve healthy food, clean water, and durable shelter.
    • We believe that the environment should be protected and that all creatures great and small deserve the ability to live.
    • We believe that all children have the right to a good education that prepares them for the workplace.
    • We believe that if a family decides to raise a child, that the parents are supported in a way where they are able to balance the demands of work and children.
    • We believe that all humans, despite their race, deserve to be treated equally by the police and other authority figures.
    • We believe that men and women should be respected for their intellect and ability to perform the job, and those who perform equal tasks should get equal pay.
    • We believe that all cultures should be respected and that America is stronger because of the diversity of cultures and thoughts around us.
    • We believe that all people have the right to choose when to have sex and who to have it with.
    • We believe that women have the right to choose what method of birth control to use.
    • We believe that people have the right to bear arms, but should be subject to common sense restrictions and licensing.
    • We believe that American culture includes music, art, dance and that they should be supported.
    • We believe being American is a mixture of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds and that each culture should celebrate and share their cultural heritage.
    • We believe that money does not trickle down.