Blue Ohio Dayton

is a community-oriented progressive group. We are passionate about building a strong, sustainable base of active voters and inspiring leaders who are dedicated to helping all citizens achieve the American dream.  We believe that engaged and active citizens make our democracy stronger and we work tirelessly to to shape a community where our voices are heard, our votes count, and everybody benefits.

What we do

Blue Ohio seeks to introduce candidates to local elections as well as discuss relevant issues and events. We host meet and greets for candidates, voter participation rallies, and informational seminars.

Join us!

We need passionate members who are interested in mobilizing other Democrats in the area through canvassing, hosing a meet and greet, etc. We also need donations to help fund our activities to promote progressive events and ideals.


Recent Stories

Looking at Issue 1, Marsy’s Law

What is Ohio Issue 1? Named the Crime Victim Rights Initiative, it repeals and replaces the language of a current amendment in the Ohio Constitution. It “requires that the rights of victims be protected as vigorously as the rights of the accused.” Background: In 1983, Marsy Nicholas was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. A week after her murder, the ex-boyfriend ran…

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Meet the 2017 Dayton School Board Candidates

Schoolboard members make decisions that influence the choice of curriculum, textbooks, student transportation and budgets for your local schools. Even if you don’t have school-age children, a good school district can raise your property values and provide a better climate for job-creation. Learning more about the candidates running for your schoolboard – and turning out to vote – can have…

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Why Graham-Cassidy bill is worse than the other two bills

THIRD ATTEMPT IS EVEN WORSE THAN THE OTHERS What’s up with the Graham-Cassidy bill that has been so much in the headlines? When two previous bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act failed to pass in Congress earlier this year, one would expect a third attempt to perhaps be a better and improved piece of legislation, if it…

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An Outsider’s View of Issue 2

Intro Ohio Issue 2 (which is on the Nov 7, 2017 ballot) is a confusing and controversial issue, mostly because the ‘for’ and ‘against’ sides state similar goals of reducing health care costs, but also because we are at the whim of two extremely large and rich organizations who are fighting against each other: the AIDS healthcare foundation and the…

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Taxpayers are being gouged. Issue 2 can stop it.

I’m Mathias, the Dayton Area Outreach Coordinator for the Yes on Issue 2 campaign. If you think it’s time that somebody did something to reign in the excessive profits of greedy drug companies and hold them accountable, you must vote YES on Issue 2. First off, it’s important to know what Issue 2 is and what it does. Simply put,…

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Dayton Area Candidates

  • Jo'el Thomas Jones is a candidate for Dayton City School Board

    Jo’el Thomas-Jones

    Candidate for Dayton City School Board   What does this position do? The position of School Board Member is poised to complete a plethora of items. However the most important…...

  • Dayton Public School Board candidate Jocelyn Rhynard

    Jocelyn Rhynard

    Candidate for Dayton City School Board My name is Jocelyn Rhynard, and I’ve lived in Dayton for 13 years. I have four kids in Dayton Public Schools and am running…...